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Coursecheck is powering up training providers all over the country with our easy course feedback process and advanced reporting

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How Coursecheck works

Easy to use

Instantly collect course feedback

Gain insights

Understand exactly how to drive your quality

Instant reporting

Detailed reports at the
touch of a button

Smash objectives

Deliver on your departmental goals

Drive performance

Gain a fully trained & highly skilled team

  • Improve your learners’ course experience
  • Save time, gain operational efficiency & productivity
  • High quality training boosts your organisation’s performance levels
  • Discover how effectively your training objectives have been met

Slick software improves your training department’s productivity & quality

  • Collect feedback on the spot
    Easy share review link enables instant feedback. Response rates improve dramatically, gaining more reliable insights
  • Analyse across multiple areas
    Analyse by several different variables – Course, instructor, client, delivery format etc. Drill down on which areas need improvement
  • Any training format
    Compare learner feedback for classroom courses, virtual training, blended formats & eLearning, all in one place
  • Multiple feedback forms
    Tighten up on the relevancy of your feedback by preparing specific questions, related to each training course
  • Follow up feedback
    Measure the long term impact your training has had and improve post-course learner support
  • Automated alerts & reports
    Identify any negative feedback swiftly, taking prompt action to rectify
  • Training system integration
    Pull in your course information & schedules automatically from many different training management systems
  • Custom fields
    You decide how to analyse your feedback by client, cohort, region and in many different ways to identify areas for improvement
  • NPS rating tracking
    Track your NPS rating and benchmark against your industry to improve learner satisfaction
  • Multi language support
    Local language reviews gain better quality feedback as learners can give more detailed feedback in their first language

Achieve operational efficiency in the management of your training

Deeply understand your learners’ feedback & views

  • Users leave detailed feedback on an independent platform with the option not to publish their reviews
  • Understand the practical impact of your training on your team
  • Quickly assess which areas need improvement

Power up performance with detailed reports

  • Produce detailed reports at the touch of a button
  • Quickly analyse your results to drive your quality and performance
  • Share reports with key stakeholders easily

Save time and effort

  • Share easily – Gather course feedback instantly, delivering much higher rates of learner feedback
  • Eliminate the chaos and workload of collecting paper based reviews
  • Fully automated system avoids the manual handling of reviews and data

“I believe that for any training
provider that takes feedback
seriously and wants to make their
business the best of the best,
Coursecheck ticks all the boxes.”
Erty Ryall, Managing Director

Reduced admin

Collect training course
feedback on the spot. Save
time building reports and
analysing your data

Valuable insights

Built in data analysis tools enable you to deeply understand your areas for improvement

Build trust

Fully independent review platform gains more candid and detailed feedback

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